Notes to My Younger Self

If I could possibly time travel back to a much younger version of myself, there’s so very much that I would want to share. I’d share that somehow, perhaps even against all odds, life does have a way of truly working out. Things will eventually fall into place, trust me. It may not even be close to the way that you had oiginally imagined your life to ever be, believe me.

Your life will take many twists and turns. Some will be intentionally planned. Others will take you completely by surprise. That’s okay. I used to feel extremely pressured to have everything in control, and in complete order. There’s actually an indescribable sense of freedom involved with just letting go. Life is finite.

Time is indeed limited. Please don’t neglect any opportunity to tell your loved ones just how very much they truly do mean to you. Stop placing your life on pause. Don’t foolishly wait for your life to magically begin. Count your blessings. Make the most of your opportunities, right here and now. Listen to that voice that gently prompts you to be sensitive to someone who is feeling lonely, isolated, and left out.

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