Filling Out Forms and Waiting

I’m finally here to see my ENT surgeon for my follow-up appointment, after my recent throat dilatation surgery. I was just informed that my doctor is now running two hours behind. I’m already feeling very fatigued, and just drove an hour to this clinic.

All I want to do right now is to take a nap. Instead, I’m filling out a five-page questionnaire that assesses the range of impact imposed by my persistent throat difficulties. I have been on the other side of filling out these questionnaires, given my previous research employment.

I’ve actually designed these questionnaires, for a Test Construction course that was required for my doctorate. In addition, I have set up comprehensive research databases. I’ve scored, coded, and entered data that was subsequently utilized for extensive statistical analyses.

I know that it’s very important to collect this patient information, on a regular basis. Doing so allows researchers to amass detailed information about the treatment of diseases, including those that are rare and highly recurrent, such as subglottic stenosis.

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