A Study in Contrasts

You could very much say that today was a study in contrasts, marked by both extreme highs and lows. I felt very deeply blessed today, despite my many ongoing medical challenges. I was immensely blessed to see several people that I had not had the chance to see for awhile. Despite my relatively modest sales today at the Christmas Bazaar where I was a vendor, I was so very surprised by several unexpected blessings. A woman who won one of the basket raffles that I had most wanted was gracious enough to pass her good fortune along to me. In turn, I re-gifted this basket, filled with angel-themed memorabilia, to my mother. She was ecstatic in receiving this basket. I was also very blessed to connect with a woman who sells essential oils, in my very hometown. She and I discussed potential options for addressing my chronic inflammation. A nearby vendor offered a substantial discount for the homemade bread that she was selling. I unexpectedly received a visit from a friend. He bought an apple pie for my mother and myself. He was also kind enough to help me transport my items back to my car, at the end of today’s vendor event. Each and every very day, multiple blessings are all around, if you’re simply willing to take a look. God intentionally places people in our lives, for a very distinct reason. Nothing is simply coincidental. Also, nothing is ever truly wasted, nor accidental. All things work together for good. In and of themselves, those very things may be anything but good. Countless times, I have experienced God’s deepest blessings, when I honestly felt most overwhelmed, and in dire need of receiving direction. We are but passing through here, after all. Don’t waste the precious opportunities that you have been given. Please don’t waste your life, and the unique gifts that have been entrusted to you alone. After all, we’re here to make a positive impact on each other’s lives. Don’t allow yourself to pay attention to the many voices that compete for your attention, and that try fiercely to distract you from what actually matters most.

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