Hidden MS Symptoms

I’m again set up to sell my polymer clay jewelry and accessories today, at a local Christmas Bazaar. I happen to be experiencing increased MS symptoms this morning. Absolutely no one can see them, however.

I’m currently experiencing moderately severe paresthesias throughout my legs; I’m having increased numbness and tingling, throughout the length of both of my legs. When such paresthesias persist for a more extended period of time, my ability to walk is significantly impaired. I really do hope that I am not starting to experience an MS exacerbation.

I’ve been feeling exceptionally fatigued recently. However, I primarily attribute my heightened fatigue to my persistent menorrhagia. I also need to have my thyroid function testing repeated soon, to see if my higher dose of thyroid replacement medication has corrected my most recent hypothyroid flare-up.

Even after decades of dealing with multiple chronic illnesses, I still find myself stunned by the sheer complexity of what has become so very aberrant in my own body. I have always absolutely loved the study of medicine. The complexity of our bodies consistetly continues to fascinate me. Knowing that I have personally developed such complex medical challenges is far less fascinating, however.

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