Perimenopausal Confusion

I’m currently 54 years old. For the past few weeks, I have not had any hot flashes. This has been an enormous relief! Given that I have heat-sensitive MS, experiencing a hot flash means that my MS symptoms will be exacerbated. (Previous hot flashes induced lack of feeling in my legs, which resulted in sustaining two serious falls, this past summer).

For the past month, I’ve also stopped taking any form of hormone replacement therapy; my ENT surgeon believed that my subglottic stenosis was worsened by having been briefly prescribed oral contraceptives for my hot flashes.

My breakthrough bleeding also ceased, which was very welcomed. My metrorraghia had induced iron-deficiency anemia. Of course, this further worsened my pre-existing level of severe fatigue, due to multiple medical conditions.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m very thankful for all of these positive changes. Nevertheless, it appears that my body is not ready to exit perimenopause just yet. Yesterday, my period started once again. I am beyond ready to be finished with this phase of my life. My heavy periods only add to my baseline level of debilitating fatigue. I have to believe, nevertheless, that this situation can’t honestly continue that much longer.

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