Deeply Blessed, Deeply Challenged

Honestly, I have spent my entire life feeling both very deeply blessed, as well as very deeply challenged. I feel deeply grateful to have been given so very many diverse blessings in my life. Simultaneously, I have had what seems to be a disproportionate number of extreme challenges.

I am very blessed to have had two parents that have been willing to do anything possible to help me, and to assist me in achieving my academic goals. I know that God has definitely gifted me intellectually, as well as artistically.

At the same time, I have struggled with multiple, severe health problems, since adolescence. Some of my gifts have served to partially neutralize the deep sense of loss that I have deeply felt, for many decades, due to my persistent health challenges. I have been deeply blessed to have been able to complete my doctorate, after having been diagnosed with relapsing-remitting MS. I am deeply challenged to not be able to utilize this degree in the way that I had originally anticipated being able to do so. I am deeply blessed to have the confidence to teach a college course, despite a history of having been painfully shy during my childhood, as well as my adolescence. I am deeply challenged to continue to teach, despite having had several instances of slurring my speech while lecturing. I am deeply blessed to have been very motivated throughout my life; I am deeply challenged that this strong motivation exists alongside continued deficits in my energy level. I am deeply blessed that my relapsing-remitting MS has not converted to a secondary-progressive form, given how long that I have had this progressive neurological disorder. I am deeply challenged to have the awareness that it remains possible that I will still experience disease progression.

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