Pulled in Every Direction

Today is definitely one of those days that I have felt absolutely pulled in every possible direction. Early this morning, I spoke with my clinical supervisor, regarding some minor revisions that I need to complete, for my recently submitted electronic notes concerning nursing home resident evaluations. He reassured me that there’s an expected learning curve for submitting these notes; he also gave me the name of another clinical psychologist with whom to speak about my specific documentation concerns.

I had multiple errands to run for my mother this afternoon, too. On a daily basis, I need to respond to my college students’ multiple emails, regarding their upcoming research presentations and second examination. Truly, I enjoy being busy and challenged. Recently, however, I have been having a terrible time with insomnia.

Naturally, it’s so much more difficult to complete a challenging to-do list when you feel absolutely drained. Two full weeks after my recent throat dilatation surgery, I’m continuing to clear my throat. I’m certainly thankful for the opportunity to see my ENT surgeon next Monday afternoon. I’ve never experienced this degree of aggressive throat-clearing, following surgery.

An in-office bronchoscopy will help elucidate the reasons for this recent development. However, I still plan to celebrate Halloween this evening, tired or not. I made “mummy hot dogs” for a small party that I’ll be attending.

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