Eating Disorders Lecture

There has recently been an extended number of dark, dreary days. Consequently, it was actually welcomed to have the sun in my eyes as I was delivering this afternoon’s lecture about eating disorders.

Discussing anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge-eating disorder to a room of predominately young college females is no easy task. Statistically, I couldn’t help but think that certainly some of my students are currently experiencing one of these types of eating disorders.

It’s always challenging to engage these students in a meaningful discussion. I consistently desire for my students to have an interesting conversation, as opposed to having them simply passively listen to a staid lecture.

In addition to delivering the required lecture material, I also attempted to dispel some common myths regarding weight gain. For example, I discussed the significant weight gain that is often associated with taking prescription mood stabilizing medication. I witnessed this frequently when I worked on an inpatient psychiatric unit: I saw dozens of young women who gained significant amounts of weight, secondary to taking mood stabilizers. The impact upon their body image and self-esteem was enormous.

I also mentioned that many individuals with chronic illnesses are required to take medications that promote weight gain, for extended periods of time. This was especially true when I was required to take large doses of prednisone, for an extended period of time.

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