Temperature Dysregulation

I’ve recently been experiencing periods of feeling very cold. When you consider the fact that I’ve spent the entire past year battling recurrent hot flashes, feeling cold is actually quite newsworthy. I’m hoping that my hot flashes are finally over with at this point.

I’m not currently taking any form of hormone replacement therapy at all. (I stopped doing so when my ENT surgeon said that oral contraceptives had been causing an exacerbation of my subglottic stenosis).

I’ve experienced multiple flare-ups involving temperature dysregulation, during my twenty-three year history of having Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Many of these flares involved temporary worsening of my hypothyroidism symptoms, including extreme cold intolerance.

During one particularly bad flare, I remember new patients appearing startled when I’d introduce myself, and reach out to shake their hand. My hands were ice cold. No matter how many layers of clothing that I wore, I always felt very uncomfortably cold.

The addition of Cytomel, to my Synthroid dosage, finally alleviated my feeling extremely cold. However, my most recent endocrinologist stopped my Cytomel prescription; she was concerned that it was routinely raising my heartrate excessively.

During my extensive time of taking high doses of prednisone, I routinely experienced periods of feeling extremely hot; I also began to sweat profusely.

It would be so nice to simply achieve a happy medium with my body’s temperature regulation. Feeling extremely hot, or exceptionally cold, are both very unpleasant to experience.

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