Somatoform and Related Disorders Lecture

This afternoon, my Abnormal Psychology lecture topic was somatoform and related disorders. Ironically enough, I have been feeling exceptionally tired during the past week. I certainly have experienced a less than optimal period of recovery after my recent throat dilatation. Plus, I’ve been having increased MS symptoms.

Interestingly enough, I have stopped experiencing hot flashes for the past couple of weeks. I’ve actually had periods of feeling cold, which I have not been experiencing for an extended period of time.

I suspect that I have been experiencing a flare-up of my autoimmune thyroid disease, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis; I will need folllow-up bloodwork, to determine how effective my increased dose of thyroid replacement medication has been.

Today’s lecture topic was of particular interest to me, given that I completed my doctorate in Clinical Health Psychology. I’ve needed to revise my syllabus for this semester, given that I recently needed to cancel class when I had throat surgery. I had hoped that it would not have been necessary to cancel class.

Already, the semester is already half over. I really enjoyed delivering today’s lecture, given my specialized training in behavioral medicine. I always supplement my lecture material with specific examples that have been derived from my longstanding clinical experiences.

Obviously, I never divulge patients’ identities when doing so. Just last week, I had throat surgery. I have never shared my personal health challenges with my students. I never felt that it was appropriate to do so.

Those young students had absolutely no idea of just how very well-qualifed I was to teach today’s lecture, given my advanced educational training, in addition to my firsthand experience with being diagnosed with multiple chronic illnesses.

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