300 Posts!

This entry is my 300th post on WordPress! I started this blog on August 19, 2018. I felt that I had so much to share about my dual experiences with chronic illness, as both doctor and patient. It turns out that I really did! I’ve really enjoyed writing these posts.

Thankfully, it’s come easily for me to write these entries. Of course, some topics have been especially difficult to share. I’ve divulged intensely personal information. At times, I’ve temporarily relieved excruciatingly painful experiences while writing these entries.

Nevertheless, it’s been very cathartic for me to do so. I do hope that my readers with chronic illness have received validation for their personal struggles. I trust that those blessed with relatively good health have greater insight into the multiple challenges that are associated with living with persistent health challenges.

I sincerely hope that my insights have shed light on the unique demands of living with relatively hidden forms of chronic illness. I’ll be continuing to write this blog. I just wanted to take the opportunity to write about writing with today’s milestone entry.

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