To-Do List

There are always so very many things to do, to effectively manage having been diagnosed with multiple long-term health conditions. Today, I re-ordered my disposable contact lenses. I’m extremely nearsighted, plus I have an astigmatism in one eye.

Thankfully, there are now contact lenses that function as bifocals. I’m thankful to have found a comfortable brand of contact lenses. I’ve never liked wearing glasses.

I also needed to pay my monthly premium for my Medicare prescription coverage program, offered through SilverScript. I’ve seen several rather startled expressions when I inform someone that I am receiving Medicare.

I also needed to phone my primary care physician’s office. To work in a nursing home setting, one of my new employers requires proof that I have received my flu shot. I need to protect my geriatric patients from contracting the flu from me, and vice-versa. I receive the flu shot every year, primarily because I have MS. If I were to develop the flu, it definitely would worsen the overwhelming majority of my MS symptoms.

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