Effects of Insomnia

Last night was another sleepless one. I’m continuing to struggle with persistent throat clearing. There’s an ongoing sensation that my airway is still being blocked. Actually, I’ve never struggled with this for so long after receiving throat dilatation surgery. (My procedure took place a full week ago today).

I’m looking forward to my follow-up appointment with my ENT surgeon, in early November, in order to find out why my recovery has been so much more complicated this time. I tossed and turned for hours last night. Consequently, I truly feel exhausted this morning.

It’s miserable to feel this way when you have so very much to do. My energy level severely depleted, of course. It’s also much more difficult to process information efficiently when you feel sleep-deprived. I have to teach my Abnormal Psychology class this afternoon. We’ll be discussing suicide. Prior to that, I need to run several errands for my elderly mother.

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