Leaden Paralysis in Legs

I awoke this morning with the disturbing sensation of both of my legs being fully weighted down, encased in cement blocks. I continue to have significantly decreased sensation throughout the entire length of both legs, too.

Thankfully, it appears that receiving extra rest yesterday has helped to short-circuit some of my other MS symptoms, including difficulty walking. It has been several months since I have been dealing with such increased severity of MS symptoms.

Despite having had this disease for twenty-five years, the unexpected onset of increased symptoms still catches me off guard. Having MS means that you literally never know when you are going to develop symptoms, which specific symptoms you will manifest, how intense those symptoms will be, how long such symptoms will last, and what the residual impact of such symptoms might be.

Essentially, your life becomes profoundly unpredictable. Yes, you may be easily lulled into a false sense of security, especially when you’ve had a respite from such symptoms for an extended period of time. Temporarily, you almost forget the hibernating monster that threatens to viciously attack when awakened.

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