Stress Incontinence

This is certainly not an easy topic for me to discuss, but I feel like it is an important one to share. I’ve been really suffering from stress incontinence. It’s become especially severe after this last throat dilatation surgery.

Even after my recent surgery, I keep feeling like there is something blocking my airway; consequently, I’m forcefully trying to expel it upward.

In doing so, I develop periods of distressing incontinence. This problem has become much more severe for me recently. Whenever I cough, sneeze, or repeatedly clear my throat, I develop these most unpleasant, embarrassing symptoms.

It’s possibly related to decreased sphincter muscle control, given that I have MS. Peri-menopausal hormonal changes, plus excessive weight, may also be a causal factor.

Regardless, it’s absolutely something that I must get under control, no matter what my treatment options might be, including surgery.

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