Rescheduled Plans

Once more, my plans for today have needed to be cancelled, due to increased symptoms of chronic illness. You might think that this type of frustration and discouragement becomes easier to accept over time. Honestly, it doesn’t.

I am indescribably tired of the pervasive degree to which multiple illnesses have restricted my activities, and changed my plans. Yes, I do know that it could always be worse. Yes, I do count my many blessings.

Nevertheless, it’s very discouraging, as well as extremely isolating, to feel that your very own body has betrayed you. There were many things that I wanted to do, as well as several that I needed to take care of, today. Dealing with multiple chronic illnesses certainly demands ongoing flexibility and compromise.

Yet again today, a total stranger remarked about how good I look. As I said “thank you” for receiving this compliment, I had absolutely no feeling throughout the entire length of both of my legs.

1 thought on “Rescheduled Plans”

  1. Thanks for your comments, Bonnie. Feeling like “your entire body has betrayed you” is so descriptive. It has to be difficult for you to post your thoughts while you are fighting through your current situation. Please know it’s helpful to read your blog… context to the craziness that so many experience from chronic illness.

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