Remarkable Lecture

Tonight’s Abnormal Psychology class covered mood disorders, both unipolar depression and bipolar disorders. It was truly remarkable for me to deliver this lecture, for multiple reasons. Just two days ago, my airway was more than 90% occluded; I was still waiting to receive dilatation surgery. Last night was simply horrific, since I repeatedly vomited blood clots. It was certainly very challenging to speak for a full seventy-five minutes to deliver today’s lecture. However, this pales in comparison to the other reasons why it was so remarkable for me to deliver today’s lecture. I have a long-term personal history of major depressive disorder, severe, recurrent. Statistically-speaking, I shouldn’t still be here to deliver such a lecture. I credit my strong faith in God, knowing that multiple people have prayed for me, taking antidepressant medication, receiving therapy, and my training as a clinical health psychologist as the reasons why I am still here, most happily.

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