Pain Woke Me Up

I woke up in the middle of the night, since my pain medication had finally worn off. I happily took some more medication, so that I could get back to sleep. How marvelous to not have my sleep disrupted anymore by persistent throat clearing!

I was actually able to sleep lying on my back last night, as opposed to having to sleep while sitting up. My throat is still very sore.

I always say that it feels like strep throat on steroids. I’m living on popsicles. I’ll have my local pharmacy deliver the new medications that my ENT surgeon prescribed: pain medication, steroids, and an antibiotic.

I did phone the nursing home where I just started to work; I let them know that I would not be in today, but that I will be in this Friday to complete evaluations. It is beyond delightful to no longer be feeling short of breath.

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