Extremely Limited in Activity

This afternoon, I find myself extremely limited in the types of activities that I am capable of performing. I currently find myself exceptionally short of breath, even while speaking for a brief period of time.

Thankfully, it has been many years since my subglottic stenosis has been this severe. It is utterly miserable to feel this way. The fatigue due to not receiving an adequate supply of oxygen is extreme. I feel very dizzy, as well as lightheaded.

Not surprisingly, my ability to concentrate is also significantly diminished. As a result, there’s very little that I’m truly capable of accomplishing today. This afternoon, I do need to phone the nearby hospital where I will be receiving surgery, to find out the exact time of my procedure tomorrow.

I will definitely speak with my surgeon about my strong opposition to ever having to wait so long again to receive a surgery date, once my condition has become so severe.

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