What You See Isn’t What You Get

I certainly don’t look like someone who is about to have her 17th throat dilatation surgery for subglottic stenosis, in less than two days. All of the extensive scars ftom my multiple surgeries are lining my trachea, rather than outwardly visible to others.

Unless I specifically disclosed my health problems, you most likely would never suspect that I am dealing with all of them. It is both a blessing, as well as a burden, to have invisible chronic illnesses.

Of course, I enjoy looking like I’m relatively healthy. I don’t want others to pity me, nor to feel sorry for me. I certainly don’t feel sorry for myself. Despite my multiple health challenges, I continue to feel very deeply blessed. I choose to focus on what is left, rather than what has been lost.

Still, it is very difficult when there is limited external validation for your ongoing health challenges. There’s a huge gap between what I am capable of doing, versus what people perceive me to be capable of doing, based on my physical appearance. Without a doubt, what you see isn’t always what you get.

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