The Countdown Begins

In only four more days, I’ll be having throat dilatation surgery again. I simply can’t wait. I’m so weary of struggling to breathe, as well as needing to clear my throat for extended periods of time.

This is the most severe that my subglottic stenosis has been in many years. Having to wait for so long just to receive a surgery date has been most unpleasant. (My surgeon is typically able to schedule my procedure more quickly, once my symptoms have worsened).

Trying to keep up with the demands of my teaching responsibilities has been especially difficult with the current severity of my condition. Beginning a new job, just a couple of days ago, has been especially challenging in the context of my current condition. I really do look forward to feeling much better in a relatively short period of time.

My surgeon did inform me that he expects my surgery to take relatively longer this time, given the current severity of my subglottic stenosis. I typically have surgery, and then I am released the very same day. My surgeon said that he did decide to reserve a room for me to stay overnight at the hospital, should I experience complications.

Thankfully, I’ve only developed complications just one time following my many throat surgeries. Several years ago, my lungs partially collapsed after dilatation surgery. This was a most frightening experience.

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