Narrow Has Become My Life

Since I developed multiple chronic illnesses, I feels like my life has narrowed considerably. It’s enormously time-consuming to manage a chronic illness, let alone multiple ones.

Consequently, there is less time left over for pursuing other activities and interests. Given that I generally have a very wide range of interests, this has been a very difficult adjustment to make.

Spending so much time attending medical appointments leaves that much less time for pursuing other interesting activities. I never want to become the individual who never discusses anything but her health problems.

It’s very challenging to feel up to date about current events, including recent political news, when so much of your time is devoted to the management of multiple chronic illnesses. I don’t think that healthy individuals have any idea of just how much time is required, on an ongoing basis, to effectively manage chronic illness.

There are appointments to schedule, tests to complete, labwork to be completed, prescriptions to refill, forms to fill out, and phone calls to make, on a regular basis, with multiple specialists.

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