Losing Disability Benefits

I find myself involved in a major dilemma. Do I continue to supplement my meager disability benefits by working, and thereby possibly jeopardize my continued reception of them?

The relentless stress of having inadequate income has been very severe; I have no doubt that it has exacerbated the severity of my chronic health problems. There is a modest amount of income that may be earned, while continuing to receive disability benefits.

However, this option directly conflicts with other disability-related restrictions on earned income. Truly, it’s terrible to find yourself in this situation. I never wanted to develop a chronic health problem, let alone multiple ones.

I spent many years completing an advanced degree. I struggled to obtain disability, struggled to keep it, and now am concerned about the possibility of losing it. In fact, the very situation that I now find myself in is exactly why I continued to work full-time for so many years, despite my multiple medical problems. I felt that I simply couldn’t afford to not work. As it turns out, I was correct.

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