Tour of New Facility

This morning, I received an extensive tour of the new facility where I’ll be working, just one day per week, as a clinical psychologist. It’s a 160-bed nursing home. I toured the short-term rehabilitation, skilled nursing, severe memory unit, and adult daycare sections of this facility.

I really wasn’t prepared for how much walking I would be doing this morning. It was exceptionally challenging to camouflage my shortness of breath, as I was being introduced to staff member after staff member.

I will be so very relieved when I can receive my throat dilatation surgery. I’m catching my breath, both literally and figuratively, before I am introduced to additional staff members, at a staff luncheon.

I have been dealing with varying degrees of subglottic stenosis the entire time that I have been involved with providing psychological services for geriatric residents, which is thirteen years.

When my sunglottic stenosis was initially diagnosed, it was at a very severe level. It currently is severe, too, secondary to having been prescribed hormone replacement therapy.

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