Stress of Pretending I’m Well

Today, I again felt the intense stress of pretending that I’m well, even though I am definitely not. I’ll soon be starting to work as a clinical psychologist in a brand new facility.

Consequently, the nursing home’s administrator introduced me to several new employees, in all kinds of different departments. I graciously smiled, of course, and exchanged the expected social pleasantries.

There was also a meet and greet luncheon, held in my honor today. As soon as the luncheon was over, I couldn’t wait to check my phone messages. I wanted to see if my ENT surgeon’s office had been successful in obtaining a rescheduled date for my throat dilatation surgery. I never received such a call today, which is utterly frustrating.

Trying to function with severe airway occlusion is completely exhausting. I struggled to even drive home, due to feeling severely tired. I immediately went straight to bed, for an extended nap. I woke up feeling just as exhausted.

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