So Unbelievably Weary

This late morning, I find myself utterly exhausted, both physically and emotionally. The current severity of my subglottic stenosis is making even the most minimal of activities feel overwhelmingly difficult to complete.

There are so many phone calls that I have to make, prior to having my throat surgery scheduled for early next week. I need to speak with the surgery center’s staff, including the pre-surgical nurse, regarding my very complex medical history. I need to phone my ENT surgeon’s scheduler, too, to confirm the tentative date for surgery.

I also need to call my primary care physician, to inform him that my ENT surgeon wants me to discontinue all forms of hormonal therapy; my ENT surgeon believes that this recently prescribed category of medication definitely worsened my subglottic stenosis.

I am most uncomfortable knowing that I need to phone the psychology department’s chairperson, to inform him that I will need to cancel next Tuesday’s class; this is the very first semester that I have ever taught at this specific university. I didn’t want my chronic health problems to already interfere with my teaching responsibilities.

Mind you, I am very short of breath while speaking at this point. I have to deliver a lecture for my Abnormal Psychology class this afternoon. I have absolutely no idea how I am going to be able to do that.

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