I’m Okay If I’m Just Sitting

Today, I participated in selling my polymer clay jewelry and accessories at a local fall festival. Due to my worsening shortness of breath, trying to carry all of the boxes of my designs was exceptionally difficult. I was gasping for air, after walking just a few feet from my car to the vending arena.

Thankfully, some individuals nearby noticed my distress, and they offered to help me. It made all the difference in the world. After recovering from literally struggling to take my very next breath, I slowly arranged all of my designs on my display table.

Even pacing myself didn’t alleviate my symptoms. I need throat dilatation surgery now, was all I could think! Once I was simply sitting at my table, and completely inactive, my airway occlusion was no longer apparent to anyone else.

Once again, you would never know just how serious my medical problems truly are. I enjoyed the gloriously crisp, sunny fall day. People watching is endlessly fascinating to me. I received several compliments about my artistic ability, and made a lot of sales, too.

After a couple of hours, I needed to use a restroom. I noticed a row of port-a- pottys, several houses down on the street where I was vending. I slowly began to walk, and my shortness of breath was immediately apparent.

By the time I reached the portable bathrooms, I again found myself audibly gasping for air. Someone asked if I was having an asthmatic attack. I said that I was not, but decided not to try to explain my shortness of breath, due to my shortness of breath.

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