Utterly Miserable

Right now, I feel utterly miserable. My shortness of breath is getting much more severe. Thankfully, I see my ENT surgeon in only three more days. It’s unbelievably difficult to feel like you’re breathing through a clogged straw.

Absolutely nothing is easy for me to do at this point. I really hope that my throat dilatation surgery can be scheduled as soon as possible. I am truly desperate for relief. Dealing with this horrific condition would be difficult enough.

Superimposed on my worsening subglottic stenosis, however, is more severe anemia, as well as worsening hypothyroidism. Words can’t describe just how truly exhausted I feel at this point, both physically and emotionally.

Yes, I have felt this way before, many times. I know that there are interventions that will truly make a difference. I’m fully aware that reception of surgery will provide immediate relief of my breathing difficulties.

In a few weeks, my higher dose of thyroid replacement medication will start to ease my increased hypothyroidism symptoms. Taking progesterone will stop my persistent bleeding, thereby alleviating my anemia. Still, knowing all of these facts doesn’t ease just how much I am actually suffering right now.

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