Dealing with Medical Errors

Yes, everyone makes mistakes. Of course, this also includes medical providers. Such errors have a significant impact on a patient’s quality of life. Some mistakes are relatively minor, whereas others have dire consequences.

Today, I have had to deal with a mistake that was recently made by my primary care physician’s office. Yesterday, my physician prescribed progesterone; this is intended to counteract the breakthrough bleeding that I have been experiencing, on a daily basis, for several weeks.

As opposed to sending in this prescription to my local pharmacy, it was instead submitted to the mail order pharmacy that I use to receive just one of my many daily medications. This error will delay my ability to start taking this medication for about ten days.

Since I am already clearly anemic, secondary to continued blood loss, this delay is not insignificant. My shortness of breath is likely due to anemia, in addition to my subglottic stenosis having recently worsened.

I especially feel frustrated by this mistake because I specifically informed my primary care physician of the exact pharmacy that I wished to use for filling this new prescription.

Not feeling well is difficult enough. Having to have your symptoms persist longer, due to a medical provider’s mistake, is even more difficult.

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