All In A Day’s Work

When you have multiple chronic illnesses, there are always many tasks that must be attended to, on a daily basis. Today, I needed to make a co-payment, for a new prescription medication that my primary care physician just prescribed.

I also needed to have my PPD read by a nurse, for the pre-employment requirements for a new part-time job. I also needed to schedule a uterine ultrasound, at my local hospital, to determine the etiology of my persistent bleeding.

All of these tasks are on top of my routine responsibilities and obligations. There are even more that I still need to do, including scheduling an initial consultation with a gynecologist, setting up my medi-set of prescription medications, and following up on a previous phone call regarding patient assistance programs available for funding my Copaxone prescription. Right now, however, I need to go teach my Abnormal Psychology class.

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