Risk of Disclosure

I’ve had literally decades of experience with deciding whether or not to disclose my chronic illnesses. As with anything else, there are both pro’s and con’s associated with disclosure of medical problems.

A benefit of sharing your medical difficulties is shedding the significant stress that accompanies trying to make sure that no one finds out about your health problems. It takes enormous energy to act as if you’re alright, when you really are not.

Of course, it is always a risk to disclose personal health information. A potential disadvantage of disclosure is that others will view you less favorably. I’ve been especially cautious about disclosing my health problems in employment settings.

An employer is far less likely to view you as a dependable, reliable employee if you choose to share your medical diagnoses. This appears to be the case regardless of how highly qualified you might be for any given position.

I realize that I still have the choice of whether or not to share my medical diagnoses. My chronic illnesses are not immediately apparent, just based on my physical appearance. Not everyone with chronic illness has such an option, of course.

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