Rigidity of Disability

This morning, I find myself really resenting the rigidity of being on social security disability. I’m simply not able to survive financially on what I receive each month. Consequently, I must work, whether or not I actually feel physically capable of doing so.

There are very strict guidelines for what I am allowed to earn each month, and still be able to retain my disability benefits. Given my advanced education, my earning capacity means that I will reach such a pre-determined ceiling far sooner than the majority of individuals who receive disability benefits.

Consequently, there are not a lot of potential employers who can accommodate employees who can commit to working such a restricted number of hours. I never asked to be so seriously ill. I obtained my doctorate after I was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting MS, which was a monumental accomplishment.

Unfortunately, I developed additional chronic illnesses that made it impossible to continue to work full-time. I sincerely struggled to be awarded disability, and also have struggled to retain my inadequate benefits.

Unless you’re in this situation, you have absolutely no idea of just how stressful it truly is. Being chronically stressed is like lighting a match to symptoms of autoimmune disorders.

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