Nothing If Not Flexible

I’m nothing if not flexible, I always say. Due to scheduling conflicts, I won’t be able to teach Abnormal Psychology again at the same university during the Spring 2019 Semester.

Nevertheless, I’m hoping to pick up another psychology class to teach, at a local community college. Several months ago, I reconnected with a fomer professor of mine, from a nearby community college. I’ve communicated my interest in teaching any of a number of psychology courses where he teaches.

The ability to be flexible is very important. Life continually changes for all of us. It’s best if we’re not too rigid about needing to change our plans, when absolutely necessary to do so. Add in the unpredictability of dealing with fluctuating symptoms, and it’s even more important to be flexible.

I’ve learned that things eventually have a way of working out, over time. We certainly may not see any way that this is possible, while we’re in the midst of any given problematic situation.

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