Aggressive Throat-Clearing

Now that my subglottic stenosis has worsened again, I find myself aggressively clearing my throat. For absolutely hours at a time, that is. This leaves me feeling utterly drained, in every possible way imaginable.

I can’t possibly put into words just how very tired I am of having this rare disorder. Having this chronic condition makes absolutely everything so much harder to do. Imagine that you’re actually gasping for air, simply because you got dressed. I feel totally exhausted.

Even talking for brief periods of time is difficult at this point. Of course, my concentration and mental acuity are both dulled when I am struggling just to take my very next breath. Yes, I’ve been through this same exact experience so very many times before. That’s why I know that I will make it through this, yet again, this time.

Still, I am way beyond weary of having this condition. Everything you take for granted can be taken away, in a heartbeat.

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