Scheduling Appointment with New Specialist

Given my recurrent bleeding, I need to find a new gynecologist as soon as possible. (My previous one actually retired). It’s always challenging to add yet another medical provider to my long list of specialists. Bringing them up-to-date on my complex medical history is always very challenging, regardless of their particular medical specialty.

It does certainly help that all of my specialists are now integrated within the same network of medical providers; consequently, they each have access to my comprehensive medical records, including my appointments, list of medications, allergies, surgical history, etc.

Four years ago, I moved from Illinois, back to New York. It was no easy task to gather all of the required medical information for my initial application for social security disability benefits. Thankfully, I retained this massive amount of information. It came in very handy when I needed to complete a re-determination, for continued eligibility for disability benefits.

I do hope that I’ll be able to see a gynecologist soon, given that I am very concerned about my ongoing symptoms. I am not looking forward to completing even more diagnostic tests, but it is absolutely necessary to do so, given the potential etiology of my symptoms.

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