Going to Extremes

Over the years, I’ve experienced many medical extremes. I’ve felt extremely cold, as well as profusely hot. I have been severely depressed, as well as manic, secondary to steroid infusions. I’ve experienced hair loss, secondary to chemotherapy, as well as excessive hair growth, secondary to steroids.

I’ve both lost, as well as gained, significant amounts of weight. I’ve been very strongly motivated, as well as severely unmotivated. I have run several miles at a time, as well as been completely unable to feel my body below my waist. I’ve passed eye exams with flying colors, in addition to being completely, (but temporarily) blind due to optic neuritis.

I’ve had very clear skin, as well as severe rashes, sunburns, and acne. I’ve been able to complete detailed architectural drawings, as well as dropped multiple objects due to total numbness in my hands. I have been extremely relaxed, as well as terribly anxious.

My airway has been wide open and unobtrusive, as well as severely stenosed. I’ve had periods of having no appetite at all, as well as being insatiably hungry, due to corticosteroids. Yes, over the years I have certainly experienced many medical extremes.

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