Diagnostic Complexity

I’m currently suffering from increased shortness of breath, with very minimal exertion. Based upon the results of yesterday’s bloodwork, there are actually multiple reasons why this may be happening. As I suspected, I am anemic. I’m not surprised, given that I have been experiencing breakthrough bleeding, on a continuous basis, for the past six weeks. (I have previously been diagnosed with iron-deficiency anemia, and I’ve been taking ferrous sulfate supplements on a daily basis).

My hypothyroidism is also not currently under optimal control; this could also be contributing to my shortness of breath. (Once again, my dose of thyroid replacement medication needs to be increased; this has happened multiple times, in the past two decades of having Hashimoto’s thyroiditis).

In addition, my subglottic stenosis appears to have worsened, based upon my increased, aggressive throat-clearing. Once more, I’m unspeakably grateful for my medical knowledge.

I simply can’t imagine navigating the complexity of my medical problems if I didn’t have an advanced knowledge base of medicine. I’m also grateful that I am comfortable being assertive about my healthcare. During my doctor’s appointment yesterday, I suggested that I be re-tested, to determine if I am still anemic. As it turns out I am anemic, even with iron supplementation.

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