Take One Step at A Time

I wish that I could have just one symptom-free day, one where I could go about my activities without the frustration of having persistent symptoms impolitely interfere. Yesterday, I took some time to explore a nearby spiritual community. It’s set deep in the woods, atop a stunning elevation. There was a fascinating labyrinth, allowing for a form of moving meditation at you walk through its path. As I slowly began to walk the labyrinth’s path, I felt my all-too-familiar shortness of breath kick in. I had simply wanted a temporary respite, however brief, from my everyday demands, obligations, and responsibilities. Here, in this idyllic, peaceful, and serene setting, my annoying symptoms simply followed. My biggest enemy is within, I found myself thinking. This is true figuratively; given that I have developed several autoimmune conditions, it is also quite literally true. So, instead of fighting my current reality, I chose to incorporate what I was experiencing into my current situation. I thought about how each of us with chronic illness only need to take the very next step in our journeys. Contemplation of completing the entire labyrinth is simply much too overwhelming to absorb. What is manageable, however, is just believing that you will have the necessary resources to cope with whatever it is that you find yourself facing, at any given time.

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