Thank You For Your Patience While Waiting

I can’t be the only person who finds it absolutely maddening to have to navigate through automated voice options when you place a simple phone call. When I was in the process of initially applying for disability benefits, I needed to phone the Social Security Administration, on a regular basis.

Not infrequently, I was placed on hold. For extended periods of time. (For so long that I could bake an entire batch of sugar cookies, plus frost them). I find it incredibly irritating to have to wait for extended periods of time. Yes, I put the call on speaker mode; in this way, I could complete other tasks while I waited.

Periodically, an excessively chipper voice would make the statement, “Thank you for your patience while waiting.” How very presumptuous, I thought! When I finally connected with a live human, I desperately tried to disguise the growing sense of irritation in my voice.

This was most challenging to do, on the day that I had been placed on hold for more than two full hours! Of course, automated phone systems are designed to manage a high volume of incoming calls. Still, I long for the option to simply speak to someone, without having to wait for a ridiculously long period of time.

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