It Takes Time to Get Help

Sometimes, it really takes a considerable amount of time to get the most effective type of help for your specific medical problems. I’m currently dealing with very disruptive perimenopausal symptoms.

In early July, I had an appointment with my primary care physician. I was placed on a low-dose of an oral contraceptive, to try to manage the severity of my frequent hot flashes.

My hot flashes were becoming unsafe, as well as uncomfortable, given that my relapsing-remitting MS is very heat-sensitive. (I sustained two serious falls, this past June; I fell when I lost all feeling in my legs, due to having severe hot flashes).

For the next month, I experienced a significant reduction in the frequency, as well as the severity, of my hot flashes. I was overwhelmingly relieved. Then, my hot flashes slowly became more frequent again. They also started to become more severe. In addition, I started to experience break-through bleeding. This is very troubling.

I have previously been diagnosed with iron-deficiency anemia, secondary to hypothyroidism-induced menorrhagia. So, at this point, I have been experiencing breakthrough bleeding for the past 35 days. I have no doubt that my anemia has worsened.

I not only feel indescribably tired, but I am starting to feel very weak, too. I made an appointment to see my primary care physician several weeks ago; I requested placement on their cancellation list, too. My next appointment with my primary care physician is still six days away.

I really need to be referred to a new gynecologist; my previous one actually retired. Of course, all of my perimenopausal symptoms are superimposed upon dealing with multiple chronic conditions.

Come to think of it, I’m very proud that I even got out of bed today, showered, and got dressed! I also taught a college class, ran multiple errands for my elderly mother, made several important phone calls about prescription medication coverage, and sent an invoice to a local shop for the polymer clay accessories that I design. Yes, sometimes it really does take a lot of time to receive help for your specific medical problems.

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