Urinary Urgency/Frequency in MS

In the late 1990’s, I suffered from MS-induced urinary urgency and frequency. I felt like a lot of my life at that time was spent in the bathroom, or looking for one.

My neurologist placed me on Ditropan, an antispasmodic and anticholinergic medication. It did help my excessive urinary urgency. I also completed urodynamic testing. My results indicated that I exhibited incomplete emptying of my bladder. As a result, I frequently experienced sensations of urinary urgency and frequency.

Twenty years later, I’m no longer suffering from the same degree of urinary urgency, nor frequency. In addition, I’ve long since discontinued the medication that I used to take for these symptoms.

It’s still amazing to me that MS is such a remarkably variable disease. There are tremendous differences between individuals who share this same diagnosis. Plus, there’s considerable variability in symptoms across time, for any given person with MS.

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