Is Treatment Worth the Side Effects

I’ve been living with multiple chronic illnesses, for decades. As a result, I’ve had many firsthand opportunities to experience treatment side effects. I’ve taken oral medications, received injections, and undergone infusions.

Of course, each particular form of treatment has come with its own set of side effects. I’ve had to ask myself, multiple times, if these side effects outweigh the benefits of receiving treatment.

In terms of immunosuppressant medications, I decided that this was the case. Consequently, I decided to stop taking immunosuppressants. My symptoms have not turned out to be appreciably more severe as a result of discontinuation of immunosuppressants.

Overall, my quality of life has been improved. I’m no longer living with the most unpleasant side effects of taking immunosuppressants. Perhaps most importantly, I’m no longer vulnerable to catching every single cold to which I’m exposed at any given time.

Of course, we don’t always have the choice of whether or not to discontinue medications due to their deleterious side effects. Continuing to take some medications is absolutely necessary. However, whenever there’s the option to discontinue medications with unwanted side effects, it’s worth considering doing so.

1 thought on “Is Treatment Worth the Side Effects”

  1. Hi Bonnie. I have MS & because of this I also have been on several different immunosupressants. Like many, I had flu like symptoms for 48hrs after my injections that never abated or lessened w time no matter what I did. However I also began to get infections like I’ve never experienced in my life before. Over the next 10 year’s I was hospitalized many times & almost died twice. I think I’ve had every major infection you can think of. One infection lead to respiratory failure. Due to complications from a 2wk intubation, I now am trached for life.
    Five years ago I stopped them for good. I believed I wouldn’t survive the next infection. In the years since I haven’t been sick with anything except for one UTI. No colds or flu, nothing. However I have the scars on the inside & out.
    Furthermore, I had a life threatening reaction to Predisone after taking it successfully for years during my flares. They say I can never take take steroids again. I am on my own for my future flares.
    I think my case is rather dramatic but it demonstrates what can go wrong in the treatment of autoimmune diseases. Thanks for listening Bonnie.


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