Hot Flashes from Hell

For the past year of my life, I’ve been dealing with multiple symptoms of perimenopause. By far, the very worst symptom has been hot flashes. They’ve been occurring multiple times per day. They come on suddenly, and leave me completely drenched.

Truly, this is an utterly miserable to experience. I never realized just hot uncomfortable hot flashes truly are. Given that I have heat-sensitive MS, it’s even worse that I’m experiencing hot flashes. Not only am I overwhelmingly hot, and completely drenched in sweat, but all of my MS symptoms are temporarily worsened.

For example, my legs will go completely numb whenever I have a hot flash. My vision may temporarily blur, and my coordination will be decreased. This past June, I sustained two serious falls, secondary to numbness in my legs. Both times, I had been experiencing brutal hot flashes.

In early July, my primary care physician agreed to place me on low- dose hormone replacement therapy. For several weeks, I felt drastically improved. My hot flashes were less frequent, as well as less severe. Then, out of seemingly nowhere, everything changed. I started to have breakthrough bleeding. It has not stopped.

Given that I already have iron-deficiency anemia, secondary to menorrhagia, this is very serious. My hot flashes have also returned, with a vengeance. I’m scheduled to see my primary care physician in another week, to discuss a referral to a gynecologist for treatment of perimenopause.

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