Nothing Is Wasted

The last couple of years, I’ve been very busy marketing the polymer clay jewelry and accessories that I have designed. I’ve attended several different craft shows, along with assorted vending events.

Most everyone whom I’ve met at these shows doesn’t know about my background as a clinical health psychologist. Similarly, they’re not aware of my personal challenges with chronic illness. You might say that my partipation in vending events has allowed me to adopt entirely new identities, as both artist and entrepreneur.

Honestly, I’ve almost always been disappointed by the amount of money that I’ve actually earned by participating in these various types of events. Still, I don’t believe that my participation has been a total waste of my time.

I’ve happened to meet several warm, enthusiastic, and very interesting individuals as a result of taking part in these events. I’ve stayed in touch with the overwhelming majority of them, too. I’m not sure that they realize just how much of an impact they’ve really made on me.

Very frequently, I’m inspired by reading their Facebook posts. I strongly believe that people cross our paths for very specific reasons. We might not necessarily be aware of those reasons when we first meet.

Nevertheless, even seemingly chance encounters can have a profound impact on our lives. Truly, nothing is wasted.

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