Inexpensive Forms of Entertainment

My previous income level has been drastically slashed by living primarily on social security disability benefits. However, my very wide range of interests has not magically disappeared.

So, what do you do to remain adequately entertained, when you lack sufficient financial resources? I’ve been very pleasantly surprised by the range of entertainment options that are available nearby.

For example, a local town hosts a Classic Film Series; two films are screened each Thursday evening, year round. The very best part is that the movies are introduced by a very well-informed, enthusiastic, and engaging film lover.

Local universities offer wonderful music series, at very reasonable prices. Attending such concerts is far less expensive than going to other musical events.

There are a variety of local festivals that offer interesting food selections, educational workshops, and musical entertainment. A historical society in my hometown offers a range of intriguing entertainment possibilities; this is where I take oil painting classes, once a month.

Yes, I have spent some time researching the range of available entertainment opportunities. I consider it time very well spent.

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