Facing Surgery Alone

Sadly, I’ve learned the hard way that not everyone will choose to stick around when you’re dealing with chronic illnesses. In 2012, I was dating a man whom I had met through Christian Mingle, an online dating service. He and I had a lot in common, and we genuinely enjoyed each other’s company. He initially seemed very supportive of my multiple health challenges. Also, he was well-aware that it was becoming increasingly difficult for me to continue working full-time.

Our relationship steadily progressed, and we even discussed the possibility of getting married at some future point (quite the milestone for two individuals who had both experienced the exquisite pain of divorce). As time elapsed, symptoms of my subglottic stenosis slowly began to re-emerge.

I made the familiar trip to my nearby ENT’s office, and once again completed another painful bronchoscopy. This was necessary so that my surgeon could quantify my degree of airway narrowing, or occlusion.

My surgeon said that surgery needed to be scheduled immediately, given the severity of my subglottic stenosis. I drove home, waiting for the surgery center’s scheduling nurse to call me about the time for my procedure. Instead of receiving her call that afternoon, I received a text message.

The message was from the man whom I had been dating. He abruptly informed me that our relationship was over. He coldly stated that he would not respond to any messages from me, so there was no point in trying to communicate with him.

I was absolutely stunned. Honestly, I had not seen this coming. I felt like I had been spun around, and dropped off a cliff. Yes, I very much ended up facing that throat surgery alone.

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