Insomnia and Sedative-Hypnotics

Yes, I’m writing this blog in the middle of the night. Again, I had minimal difficulty being able to fall asleep last night. My frequent problem is not being able to stay asleep (i.e., sleep-termination insomnia).

I can’t help but question just how much of a role persistent insomnia is playing in my currently debilitating fatigue. (However, even when my sleep patterns have not been disrupted, my fatigue level has remained very severe).

There’s definitely a hormonal component to my insomnia, given that I am currently in full-blown perimenopause. I have no doubt that I’m also currently very stressed about the possibility of no longer being able to afford Copaxone, the daily medication that I inject to manage my relapsing-remitting MS.

For some reason, I’m reluctant to take sleeping medication on a regular basis. I feel like I shouldn’t need to do so. So, I need to practice all of the exact same advice that I would give my clients who are suffering from this specific type of problem!

Publishing a blog about your chronic illness certainly makes you more aware of the need to remain accountable about how your own behaviors may be adversely impacting your symptoms.

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