Delegating Tasks

When you’re coping with chronic illness, you have a lot of additional demands that healthy individuals don’t need to address. Almost inevitably, you’re also attempting to complete such extra tasks with reduced energy levels. Something’s got to give.

If at all possible, consider the possibility of delegating task completion to others. This might be initially challenging to do, for several different reasons. Needing to ask for help is an overt admission of inadequacy for some individuals.

In truth, no one is completely self-sufficient. Also, delegating tasks to others provides them with the satisfaction of offering assistance to others in need. You might hesitate to ask for help, fearing that you are imposing too many demands on others. No doubt, opportunities will eventually manifest where you can reciprocate someone’s willingness to help.

Limited financial resources may represent an obstacle for delegating tasks. Don’t eliminate the possiblity of exchanging your skills, and areas of personal expertise, as alternative forms of payment.

Asking for help is not a sign of personal inadequacy. It’s actually a reflection of inner strength when you can openly acknowledge that your demands are exceeding your resources.

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