Less is More

Today, I find myself much more stressed than usual. I’m especially upset about all of those things that I can’t possibly control. Imagine that! So, I’ll focus my attention on something that is within my control: decluttering my surroundings.

I think that it’s much more challenging to stay organized when you are chronically ill. However, I also maintain that it’s much more important to do so.

It’s true that persistent symptoms such as fatigue often lend themselves to “just getting by,” as opposed to staying fully organized and keeping on top of things. However, this will eventually create additional problems with which to deal.

When there have been too many instances of thinking “I’ll take care of that stack of papers, or that pile of clothing later,” mass chaos ensues. This, of course, only adds to our overall stress level.

It’s hard to stay calm, focused, and relaxed in a messy environment. So, I’ve decided to be brutally honest about how many possessions I continue to have. Obviously, the more things that you own, the more those things own you.

Periodically, I have gone through cycles of purging unnecessary items. This past winter, I donated nine bags of clothing to a local resale store. Today, I’ve decided that it’s time to do some late summer cleaning.

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