Energy Deposit Versus Withdrawal

My fatigue level is particularly crushing today. I’m thinking about the concept of my “energy bank.” Its overall reserves are definitely depleted, on a regular basis.

Nevertheless, I’ve come to appreciate that there are multiple factors that affect the severity of my fatigue at any given time. Various types of stressors cause an “energy withdrawal” to occur. In sharp contrast, pleasant experiences cause a temporary “energy deposit” to take place.

As a result, I absolutely try to eliminate unnecessary stress, whenever possible, in my life. Of course, sometimes this simply isn’t possible. I also intentionally schedule specific activities that are enjoyable. I schedule such activities because, in my experience, they wouldn’t happen otherwise.

Attempting to cross things off of my seemingly endless to-do list takes up a lot of time and energy. If I didn’t decide to plan a pleasurable activity in advance, it almost surely would not take place.

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